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The Reflection Black and Gold Version

The Reflection Black and Gold Version


Naomi’s Inner Rebel and studies of Female Conformity are referenced in this thought-provoking and iconic piece, originally spray painted and still featuring on Whitecross Street, EC1. This piece is a good example of Naomi’s early work as a Street Artist containing largely autobiographical elements. Naomi constructed an alter ego; ShyGuy (her Street Artist’s tag name) which allowed her the creative space to paint freely without fear or judgement from the outside world. 


‘The Reflection’ was inspired by a visit to an Italian chapel where Naomi was captivated by Carlo Sismonda’s painting of Christ. Years later, Naomi became interested in the works of Søren Aabye Kirkegaard (written in 19th C) and his theory of ‘The Age of Reflection’ which culturally resonates with the white noise of news, entertainment and social media of today. 


The Painting features a stencilled image of Jesus as a reflection in a mirror with his ‘Social Media Disciples’, and, is synonymous with some of Naomi’s other later works, which were made to represent the disconnect that we can feel to our own selves living in the modern world despite being so technologically connected. 

This piece was exhibited at The Saatch Gallery, London in October 2020 and is a real Collector’s piece.  


The study stands as the Artist’s observation of increased ‘Social Media Connectedness’, constantly comparing ourselves to others and being consumed by our image that we portray to the outside world.  The piece portrays the god-like image of social media and stands for the power that it can have over us.  


Frame not included


This piece is available as an original on wood both as a replica colour of the street version, and also as a black and gold version. The black and gold version is also available as a print.

  • Size & Material

    Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta 325gsm Print:

    Height: 80cm

    Width: 60cm

    Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta 325gsm paper, signed by Artist with Certificate, limited edition of 50

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