New 'Good Girl' Collection Prints on Sale


Following from Naomi's recent body of work made for The Saatchi Gallery referencing societal programming and conformity, these prints form the first in the trilogy of the new 'Good Girl' Collection.  Created exclusively for The Bad Reputation Show at the Riverside Studios in London, the Collection features a series of portraits of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, provokingly and daringly looking at the viewer. They are surrounded by text such as 'break the rules' and 'I want to celebrate the pieces of myself'.  Celebrating and thanking awesome women who dare to kick back, push boundaries and re-write the narrative on what a 'Good Girl' stands for in today's world.

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the good girl colletion.jpg

Currently Exhibiting at The Bad Reputation Show, Riverside Studios, London

'Inspired by Bad Ass Females and celebrating Women who dare to kick back, The Bad Reputation Show will be running from 11th January - 18th April 2022 at The Riverside Studios, London where Naomi will be exhibiting her latest portrait collection, entitled 'Good Girls'.  Re-writing the rules on what a 'Good Girl' stands for in todays world and celebrating women who continue to push boundaries and break the rules. Also showing are a selection of Naomi's other rebellious and thought provoking works such as 'All The Girls In London' Lightbox and the iconic Saatchi Gallery Piece; 'Race For Beauty'.


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New ceramic range now launched!


From her studio in London, Naomi has created a new ceramics range for her signature Butt-shaped designs that will lend themselves to an array of functional pieces of art.  Headlining the range are a collection of Ice Buckets that not only hold your fizz but also double as a vase. The range also contains mini versions that make a perfect vase or display vessel for items such as kitchen utensils and make up brushes. Initially available in black or white, in addition to an array of Naomi's signature text based tag lines and artwork. Order yours in time for the Summer Rose and Champagne!

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