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Race For Beauty

Race For Beauty


Race for Beauty belongs to a trilogy of striking photography art pieces that Naomi felt compelled to create during the first ‘lockdown’ in response to the world that she was seeing at the time and the difficulties that we were all experiencing.  The trilogy reference Naomi’s studies on ‘Societal Programming’ and ‘Cultural Conditioning’ and Race for Beauty is a perfect example of Naomi’s desire to produce unorthodox products of visual story-telling that fight and challenge societal injustices, champion empowerment and love and spark a conversation.


This poignant piece portrays a Girl, recently crowned the winner of a beauty pageant.  She is on her knees and naked signifying the emotional toll of competing to be seen, heard and loved for who she is.  However, her expression is one of power, beauty, solidarity, and hope.  Hope for a voice, for liberty, diversity, better representation and for meaningful lasting change. The image is particularly relevant not only in referencing the Black Lives Matter movement, but also the 2020 film; ‘Misbehaviour’, which addresses both feminist and racial issues surrounding the true story of the 1970’s Miss World contest. 


This creation is a good example of Naomi’s evolutionary nature, bringing photography, which has always been a medium that features in her working process, to a medium in its’ own right. Coupled with her desire to juxtapose what looks like a glossy vogue styled image against something with a deeper meaning, this incredible, thought-provoking image is a real Collector’s piece.


Frame Not Included

  • Material

    Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta 325gsm Print:

    Height: 47.5cm

    Width: 42cm

    Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta 325gsm paper, signed by Artist with Certificate, limited edition of 50

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