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White Gloss Small Vase

White Gloss Small Vase


Naomi’s Inner Rebel and studies of Female Conformity are referenced in this boldy beautiful yet charming and cheeky ceramic Vase. Exuding both freedom and glamour, this Vase is a cast that Naomi took of her own derrière in rebellion to the pressure she was feeling in Society to behave a certain way with messages of constantly pleasing others, fusing defiant femininity with tongue in cheek artistry.
These functional pieces of art not only hold your flowers but also double up as a pot to hold your kitchen utensils, make up brushes or on its own as a stand out piece of art.  
This intimate yet bold, delicate yet sexy Vase sums up the diverse intricacies of needs that make up the human existence and sits perfectly within the heart of Naomi’s work as she continues to push boundaries and re-write the rules.


Each Vase comes with a cotton dust bag and care instructions.