Artificial Love

Artificial Love


Naomi’s Inner Rebel and studies of Female Conformity are referenced in this incredible thought-provoking piece of photography art.  Exuding glamour and luxury and meaning, ‘Artificial Love’ forms one of a series of striking images that have been created by Naomi in the response to the difficulties and pressure she was feeling in Society to behave a certain way and stay connected with her inner soul and love through the ‘Society Voices’ and ‘Society Judgements’. 


This poignant piece portrays a Girl showing her image to the outside world, which is one of beauty and perfection, whilst receiving a direct feed into her heart of ‘Artificial Love’. It poses the question; are the likes that she receives going to be enough to fuel her inner love and happiness?  


This creation is a good example of Naomi’s evolutionary nature, bringing photography, which has always been a feature of her work, to the forefront of this piece. Coupled with her desire to juxtapose what looks like a glossy vogue styled image against something with a deeper meaning, this image is a real Collector’s piece.


Its’ stunning vibe is perfect to bring a wow factor to your interior space – whether it’s an electrifying lightbox with gold edging that you are after for the ultimate in luxe living or a glossy acrylic piece – it will make a beautiful piece of photograph art that you will always be touched by.

  • Size & Material


    Height: 90cm

    Width: 90cm

    C-Print onto 310gsm paper, limited edition of 50

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    This piece is available with an estimated delivery time of 1-2 weeks.  Please contact for any enquiries.

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