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Artificial Love

Artificial Love


Artificial Love belongs to a trilogy of striking photography art pieces that Naomi felt compelled to create during the first ‘lockdown’ in response to the world that she was seeing at the time and the difficulties that we were all experiencing.  The trilogy reference Naomi’s studies on ‘Societal Programming’ and ‘Conformity’ and her own story where she felt pressure as a woman and a mother to look and behave in a certain way, stay in her place, be good, be grateful and strive for society approved goals in life. 


Artificial Love came about from living in a world where we can be so technologically connected yet can feel such disconnect to our own self. Constantly comparing ourselves to others, striving for an image of perfection, judging ourselves and others, seeking approval and likes from external sources to fuel our inner happiness. The noise of these voices can become so loud and consuming, and the piece searches for how we can turn down these voices and turn up the voices of self sooth, self-kindness empathy and compassion for ourselves and others. Artificial Love is very much a story that represents the daily battle that we have in the modern world where it is easy to hear that we are not good enough.  


This creation is a good example of Naomi’s evolutionary nature, bringing photography, which has always been a medium that features in her working process, to a medium in its’ own right. Coupled with her desire to juxtapose what looks like a glossy vogue styled image against something with a deeper meaning, this image is a real Collector’s piece.


Frame Not Included

  • Size & Material

    Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta 325gsm Print:

    Height: 42cm

    Width: 42cm

    Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta 325gsm paper, signed by Artist with Certificate, limited edition of 50

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